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MTT 116 / Program Shift

Posted 2019-05-17. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT116 Spectrogram

More electro and breaks this week, and one piece of genuine psytrance. This one gets lost in the weeds.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Paradroid / Cohesive Liquid Polymers 00:09
  2. Ion Driver / bbRobot (214 Remix) 01:40
  3. Jean-Paul Bondy ft. Mac & Megumi / Xeno Persuasion 06:09
  4. RD / The Birth Of Houdinni's Voice 10:54
  5. Bass Kittens / MFS_Root (214 Remix) 16:49
  6. ADJ / Qigong 20:32
  7. Newcleus / Jam On It (Salim Rafiq vs. Soul Oddity Mix) 25:38
  8. Soul Oddity / DJ Tokyo 30:05
  9. Bass Kittens / Rare Bread 34:39
  10. Suff-X / Cyberfreq 38:12
  11. Volsoc / Needleintuit 40:42
  12. Digitalis / Soma Junkie 44:42
  13. Soul Oddity / Fugue 49:39
  14. Darren Price / Over And Out 53:28
  15. Tipper / Oblong 58:43

So this mix was assembled to play some Soul Oddity, as I mentioned in my rambling intro. Three of their tracks feature here (numbers 7, 8, and 13). Their album for Astralwerks, Tone Capsule, is a stone-cold classic and should be heard by everyone. Soul Oddity's two members would go on to found the Schematic Music Company and reappear as Phoenecia. Their 2001 album Brownout is another favorite of mine.

Track 7 requires some explanation. Some time in the late '90s Soul Oddity remixed Jam On It by Newcleus. That remix was released on a CD single called Jam On It (The Millenium Mixes) as the Jam On Soul Mix. In 2009 Salim Rafiq uploaded Jam On It (Salim Rafiq vs. Soul Oddity Mix) to his soundcloud page. I'd been looking for a copy of the Jam On Soul Mix for years, and that upload was my first crack at it (or something like it). I suspect that the 2009 soundcloud version and the 2000 Jam On Soul Mix are the same, but I have no way to confirm that. It could be another example of a Mix Of A Mix Mix.

Soma Junkie by Digitalis also deserves a mention. It's part of a short-lived late '90s psybreaks trend championed by 21-3 Records and Matsuri Productions. The Elastic compilation on 21-3 serves as a decent introduction to the sound, I think. (It's also the one comp I own, and can therefore recommend). Digitalis himself, Seb Taylor, has a bandcamp page full of music worth checking out.

This ended up being a pretty disorganized selection. The tracks are good; I hope that makes up for it. More breaks and electro next week, continuing the downward tempo trend.

Shoutout to Suff-X.

MTT 115 / Take Control

Posted 2019-05-10. Permalink. Tagged acid, anonradio, electro, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT115 Spectrogram

Electro, techno, and a little acid at the end. Playing aggressive again.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Transparent Sound / Lego Hair [Intro Loop] 00:07
  2. Sonar Base / Welcome To Sonar Base #4 01:12
  3. Hadamard / Messengers Of Poseidon 06:49
  4. E.M.S. / Spyware 10:52
  5. Novamen / Ned's Rap 14:50
  6. Jacen Solo / UR Mind 17:16
  7. Go Nuclear / Techno World (Extended Mix) 20:40
  8. UR / Fiber Optic Commando (M.O.D. Mix) 26:14
  9. Dez Williams / URwhatUR 28:25
  10. Vintage Future / Antimatter Premium Unleaded 31:49
  11. UR / Electronic Warfare (Aux 88 Take Control Mix) 34:08
  12. The Sentinel & G.I.V. / Critical Phaze 37:31
  13. London Modular Alliance / The Mind Is A Terrible Thing 40:09
  14. Andrew Red Hand / VIP Club On Acid 44:18
  15. Dez Williams / Interference Pattern 46:58
  16. Who Is Who / Insert Coin 49:48
  17. Ant Orange / Don't Call Me Roland 54:08
  18. Blotnik Brothers / Elapse Current Loop 57:46

There's a lot of good stuff here, but I'm going to mention just two tracks.

First, Aux 88's mix of Electronic Warfare by UR. That's both one of my favorite Aux 88 tracks and one of my favorite Underground Resistance tracks. The 12" also includes the original Electronic Warfare and the excellent Drexciya mix, which might be the only remix Drexciya released. It's a fantastic record, essential even.

Second, Ant Orange's Don't Call Me Roland from his Acid Trax 2006-2009 release on Dead Channel. 303 (or some 303-like synth), a good breakbeat, a pile of delay & reverb, and a chipmunked sample of Don't Call Me Baby by Madison Avenue. It's goofy and I love it.

This one was a lot of fun to mix, and I'm happy with how it turned out. No idea what I'll do next week. More electro, since I'm feeling it at the moment.

MTT 114 / Penalty Dream

Posted 2019-05-03. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT114 Spectrogram

Fast electro for an aggro mood. I've been watching too many Quake videos.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Scape One / Halcyon Drift 00:10
  2. DJ R21 / Flight 03:51
  3. DMX Krew / Emerging Technology (RMX) 08:57
  4. Imatran Voima vs. Bass Junkie / Quad City (Imatran Voima Mixxx) 12:59
  5. Grow / Last City On Earth 17:16
  6. Boris Divider / Master Model 20:53
  7. E.M.S. / By Your Command 24:52
  8. Morphogenetic / Alright 29:18
  9. The Exaltics / Things Fall Apart 33:29
  10. Heuristic Audio / Realistic Tradition 36:44
  11. Boris Divider / Ready For The Fight 40:47
  12. Sniper Mode / Life Under The Strobe Light 43:49
  13. Sbassship / Pre-Existent Future 46:35
  14. TRV / Unlimited Power 49:53
  15. Lowfish / Burn The Lights Out 55:25
  16. DJ Overdose / Drift Away 58:33

Three tracks from the great Satamile Records, two from the third Dalekovod comp on Crobot Muzik, two from Boris Divider, and a diverse selection of 2000s electro to round out the list. Nothing fancy here, just grabbing tunes and rocking out.

My highlight this week is tracks 13 and 14, both by the excellent Sbassship. Pre-Existent Future is from his release on MAS 2008's label Electronic Corporation. Unlimited Power, released under the TRV alias, is from the Technical Remove Viewing EP on Dominance Electricity. The TRV record in particular is just blistering. Very good, very tough stuff.

This show is fine, for an improvised set. There's a sudden jump in volume at 46:35 when Pre-Existent Future comes in, but that's the only serious mistake. I'm warming up for summer, so expect some more fast music next week.

MTT 113 / Dissolve, Scatter

Posted 2019-04-26. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, dub, dub techno, dubstep, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio, synthpop.

MTT113 Spectrogram

70 BPM dubby business this week. Working through my notes from last week, playing the more mellow tracks.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Kuedo / Shutter Light Girl 00:13
  2. Om Unit / Passages 01:15
  3. Juswan / Submersive (Scuba Version) 04:28
  4. Insync vs Mysteron² / Naked I 08:33
  5. Bandulu / Isn't It Time 13:14
  6. Reedale Rise / Duv 18:47
  7. Tones On Tail / Lions 22:22
  8. Jus Wan / Stand Dub 25:51
  9. Hajimari / Etched Dub 31:17
  10. Bryan Zentz / Troublesome Dub 35:22
  11. Subeena ft. Jamie Woon & Om'Mas Keith / Solidify 39:04
  12. Plant43 / Neon 43:48
  13. Vaccine / Cascade Failure 49:03
  14. Gescom / Go Sheep 52:41

Every one of these tracks is good. From the dubby techno of Insync vs. Mysteron and Bandulu, to the dubstep (?) of Jus Wan and Hajimari, to the electro and IDM at the end of this mix. I'm super happy with this selection, and how weird (and goofy, and fun) it is.

I want to highlight Vaccine's Ochre, Cascade Failure here. That's a seriously wonderful single that I found through the great Autonomic Movement. It's still fresh today, nine years later. I've been meaning to pick up more of Vaccine's work; now feels like a good time.

Plus I managed to play Lions, and it didn't sound terrible. Happy about that.

Levels could be better though.

Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / April 2019

Posted 2019-04-25. Permalink. Tagged disco, dub, dubstep, ebm, electro, ground kontrol, house, idm, logical aggression, music, synthpop, techno.

DJ Megaphysics and I played our regular show at Ground Kontrol last night. No theme this time, just selecting music we've been listening to over the month.

Megaphysics opened the night with some house-y and wave-y music, on the slower end of things. His set here features a couple of nice Twin Peaks references; see if you can spot them. Here's his tracklist:

  1. Nu Shooz / I Can’t Wait (Vocal, Long Dutch Mix) ~9:00 PM
  2. Putsch '79 / Salted Water & Sticky Fingers
  3. 6th Borough Project / Just A Memory
  4. Tulio De Piscopo / Stop Bajon (12" Version)
  5. Oddisee / Clara Barton
  6. Herb Alpert / Rotation (12" Version)
  7. Nu Era / Finding Time
  8. User48736353001 / 4 Ny Groove
  9. Face Culler / Two Distant Realities
  10. Coco Bill / Evita (Instrumental 1984)
  11. DJ Duke / Learn To Love Yourself
  12. DJ Delish, Miss Boi / Overstay
  13. B.W.H. / Stop
  14. Book Of Love / I Touch Roses (Long Stemmed Version)
  15. Jade 4U / That Boy
  16. Chromatics / Shadow (Michel’s Runway Edit)
  17. CTRL_ALT_Destroy / Downstream (Twin Peaks Theme Remix)
  18. Ali Renault / Keeper Of The Seven Keys
  19. KZA / Le Troublant Acid
  20. Advanced Boi / Advance Yourself
  21. Kerrier District / Negresco
  22. Cylob / Rewind
  23. DMX Krew / When The Going Gets Weird
  24. Robedello / A Numb Gas To The Future (DJ Tennis Pimiento Drive Version)
  25. Roger Troutman / A Chunk Of Sugar (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)
  26. Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee / Set Jah Off (Rhythm Masters Mix)
  27. Dominatrix / The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Original 12" Dominant Mix)
  28. MD / Chitroit
  29. Floating Points / King Bromeliad
  30. Window Smashers / Free To Be
  31. Patchworks Ginger XPress / Brothers On The Slide (Brooklyn Mix)
  32. Glass Candy / Computer Love
  33. Fortran 5 / Love Baby (Haze Mix)
  34. Klack / Pump Up The Jam
  35. MAKiNA GiRGiR / Тёплая Кровь (Sang Tiede)
  36. Ghentlon / Techno Dream
  37. Raiders of the Lost Arp / Arrival
  38. Boo Williams / Eternal Mind
  39. Unknown Artist / Untitled 01

I played the latter half of the night, running back a combination of my recent radio shows. Electro, IDM, and Synthwave, accelerating into a little Dubstep at the end. Here's my list:

  1. Reedale Rise / Foliage ~11:30 PM
  2. Miotek / White Funk
  3. Tourist At Home / We've Got Strength In Numbers
  4. Mitch Murder / Bertone's Theme
  5. DMX Krew / DMX Funk (Rock Mix)
  6. T.Power / A Large Grey Area
  7. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe
  8. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe (AE35 Remix)
  9. Paul Blackford / Hydro Glide (Ali3ns3xtoy Remix)
  10. Drexciya / Song Of The Green Whale
  11. Reedale Rise / Keep Sleeping
  12. Echo 106 / Dark Strings
  13. Mikron / Amn't I
  14. Lowfish / Im, Comfort
  15. Matt Whitehead / Lunashock
  16. Drexciya / Wave Jumper
  17. The Exaltics / Mother Ship To Solaris
  18. Kemko / 1st Contact (Drew Progress Remix)
  19. Scape One / The Soul Selected
  20. R.M / Distant Haze
  21. Jega / British Rail
  22. Autechre / Second Scout
  23. Objekt / Porcupine
  24. RAC / Tunnel Talk
  25. Ed Chamberlain / Somefind
  26. Ramadanman / Blimey
  27. Breakage / Late Night
  28. Jus Wan / Connect
  29. RSD / Over It
  30. Om Unit / Despite It All
  31. Kromestar / Rainy Dayz
  32. Jus Wan / Stand Dub
  33. Dimomib / Hip Shop
  34. Distance / Delight
  35. Plant43 / Neon
  36. Delayscape / Last Day Of Spring
  37. 2562 / Basin Dub
  38. Bandulu / Isn't It Time

Finally, Megaphysics got in one last track to close the night. I like to imagine that in some alternate universe this (or perhaps some other KLF song) was on the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

  1. The KLF / Build A Fire ~1:40 AM

Thanks as always to Ground Kontrol for having us, and for everyone who listened & enjoyed the tunes.

MTT 112 / Weigh Down

Posted 2019-04-19. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, downtempo, dub, dubstep, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT112 Spectrogram

Dubstep, with a couple asides. All smashed together.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Bandulu / Selah 00:01
  2. Jus Wan / Connect 05:35
  3. RSD / Over It 08:22
  4. Om Unit / Despite It All 12:44
  5. Kromestar / Rainy Dayz 16:24
  6. Hajimari ft. Flo / Wake Up, Nothing Is Impossible 20:02
  7. Zhou / I Remain 22:38
  8. Akcept / Howl 25:48
  9. Nomine / Stomp 30:06
  10. Scorn / 416 33:46
  11. dBridge / Digital Dread 36:29
  12. Mike Kidd / The Grind 40:38
  13. Distance / Cyclops 42:41
  14. Objekt / Tinderbox 45:58
  15. Margari's Kid / Mentalphysics 51:18
  16. Droid / Hurrikane 52:54
  17. Darqwan / Warrior Stance 55:52
  18. Distance / My Demons 58:06

Finding Kromestar's Rainy Dayz on bandcamp inspired this mix. It looks like a good chunk of Deep Medi Musik is there as well, which is awesome. The sixteenth track here, Hurrikane, is also Kromestar (under his Droid alias).

A bandcamp daily article introduced me to Sentry Records a year or so ago. Tracks 8, 9, and 11 are from the first three Sentry releases. dBridge's Fashion Dread, Digital Dread is especially good.

This one went pretty well, I think. I've got more dubby 70 BPM music lined up, so I might do that next week.

MTT 111 / Resurface

Posted 2019-04-12. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, dub techno, electro, house, idm, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT111 Spectrogram

Going for something a bit more fun this week. Brightening up to match the season. Selection is the usual electro, IDM, and techno, all at about 120 BPM.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Behind Clouds / Solitude Of Silence 00:00
  2. Miotek / Data 010 02:23
  3. Industrial Bass Machine / Artificial Intelligence 1991 06:22
  4. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe 09:20
  5. Paul Blackford / Hydro Glide (Ali3ns3xtoy Remix) 13:48
  6. Drexciya / Song Of The Green Whale 18:29
  7. Reedale Rise / Keep Sleeping 22:31
  8. A Guy Called Gerald / People Moover 25:16
  9. Zwart Licht Kommando / Tube 28 27:05
  10. Mikron / Black Sands 30:28
  11. Transparent Sound & Scape One & Karoshi / Solid Grooves 35:56
  12. Two Sandwiches Short Of A Lunchbox / Too Good To Be Strange 39:28
  13. Tura / Reishi 41:42
  14. Bobby BBQ / Hot Milk 46:59
  15. Yage / Coda Coma 51:18
  16. Mikron / Ask Me 54:52

Planning for this mix started with Drexciya's Song Of The Green Whale. It's a tune that reminds me of spring; it always makes me happy. The rest of the mix is a combination of songs to go with Green Whale and bits I've been listening to recently.

Bobby BBQ's Hot Milk LP is something I found only a few days ago, while going through the Future City Records catalog. It's a fun album, sounds to me more vaporwave than FCR's usual retrowave style. And it sits nicely with Plaid and FSOL, I think.

I'm not sure what I'll play next; maybe something fast again.

MTT 110 / Float Along

Posted 2019-04-05. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio, synthpop.

MTT110 Spectrogram

Some wandering, synth-y music this week. Electro and IDM mostly. Letting tracks run long, relaxing a bit.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Reedale Rise / Smoke Rings 00:00
  2. MAS 2008 / 2008 FM 01:47
  3. Methaclone / Komputer Speak 07:10
  4. Miotek & WRTH / 4 11:18
  5. Mitch Murder / Ocean Avenue 16:22
  6. Reedale Rise / Honey 20:37
  7. R.M / Distant Haze 22:56
  8. Lone Shark / Soul Kitchen 28:18
  9. Electronic Corporation / System Re-Animated 30:58
  10. Obergman / Rosetta 36:11
  11. Autechre / Second Scout 38:22
  12. Objekt / Porcupine 41:52
  13. RAC / Tunnel Talk 45:58
  14. Plant43 / Hydro Subway 50:33
  15. Tipper / End Of Make Believe 55:24

R.M's Distant Haze is my pick from this show, released a few months ago on Chikyu-u Records. They seem to mostly put out house and dub techno, but occasionally a sweet electro-ish tune sneaks through. (Also R.M's Tanuki, a cool D&B track I played back in MTT100). Their catalog is worth checking out for anybody interested in those styles.

The Second Scout to Porcupine to Tunnel Talk run is something I've been playing with for a while. I suspect that could be fleshed out into something longer, but I haven't found the right pieces yet.

This one was a lot of fun. Mixing is loose, levels are a bit uneven, and there's a rude spring reverb blast at 32:04. (Which was completely my fault, and is a little funny to listen to now). Good tracks all.

Last thought: everybody should check out Reedale Rise's Archivist II.