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MTT 151 / Lateral Shift

Posted 2020-01-17. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT151 Spectrogram

Mid-120s electro and IDM (or perhaps "electronica" is a better term here). Four tracks from CPU Records, a couple from Binalog Productions, and four or five old '90s pieces.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Coil / The Snow (Driftmix) 00:00
  2. T.Power / A Large Grey Area 02:16
  3. Autopilot / World Receiver Pt. 2 04:14
  4. Fleck E.S.C. / Bodymelts 08:42
  5. Nullptr / Polytopes 12:54
  6. Silicon Scally / Projections 16:47
  7. Gliese / U13 21:34
  8. Mikron / Keyhole 24:32
  9. Ivna Ji / Maar 28:42
  10. CRC / Blueshift 32:37
  11. Bitstream / Double Density 36:07
  12. MetaComplex / Implanted Sounds 38:36
  13. Aphex Twin / Green Calx 42:28
  14. 69 / Microlovr 45:34
  15. Orbital / Attached 49:22
  16. Plant43 / Tellarium Snow 52:13
  17. ADJ / Hope 56:08
  18. Trisomie 21 / Right To Reply (1) 59:02

Tracks 5, 6, 8, and 16 (Polytopes by Nullptr, Projections by Silicon Scally, Keyhole by Mikron, and Tellarium Snow by Plant43 respectively) are all on the famous label CPU Records. Silicon Scally's Projections EP is my current favorite of those four releases. It reminds me of his album Dark Matter on Satamile, an album I'm a huge fan of. Strong recommendation for Projections (and Dark Matter if you haven't heard it).

Double Density by Bitstream is from their legendary Monolith EP, which I believe is Bitstream's first release. It's a short song, 2 minutes 50 going by my local recording. I love its atmosphere and its quacking acid synth line. I noticed while looking it up on discogs that both the song Monolith and Double Density were re-released by Vinyl Underground on the Union EP last year. It's a different version of Double Density, though, longer and lacking the acid line. Monolith was previously available only on the (limited edition) Monolith EP and Swayzak's Groovetechnology v1.3 compilation, so I'm glad that Vinyl Underground have reissued it.

I wish I had played T.Power's A Large Grey Area longer; that's another great, overlooked track.

And that's all I want to say this week. I think I'll do some 80 / 160 stuff next time. Downtempo, footwork, drum & bass, something like that.

MTT 150 / Superposition

Posted 2020-01-10. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT150 Spectrogram

The usual selection of breaks, electro, and IDM. A couple of tracks from Brokntoys, a couple from Detroit Underground, a couple from SCSI-AV. (Show 150? How did I make it to show 150?)

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. MANASYt / Untitled [Bunker 3071 B4] 00:00
  2. DJ HasH / Space Relax 01:22
  3. Fleck E.S.C. / Next Life 03:27
  4. Andrew Red Hand / Fugitive For One Night 06:08
  5. Oushe / Hyper Logic 07:39
  6. ADJ / Re-Alignment 12:12
  7. The Black Dog / You're Only SQL 15:55
  8. Mariel Ito / Syndrome 19:50
  9. Nullptr / Exotropia 23:17
  10. Automat / Robomelo 26:17
  11. Vertical67 / Out Of Sight 29:47
  12. Excel / Don't Stop Now 34:22
  13. Vaperror / Aqua Domain 37:54
  14. Kuedo / Whisper Fate 39:54
  15. Oskar Telemann / Anruf Aus Dem Westen 42:24
  16. Darren Rhys / Lost Soul (Katakana Remix) 45:31
  17. Darren Rhys / Lost Soul 49:16
  18. Silicon Scally / Interflection 50:31
  19. Jega / Cascade Decoherence 56:56

This mix was put together as a way to play Hyper Logic by Oushe. It's kind of a goofy track, a throwback. It sounds slightly glassy to me the way some new electro does. It reminds me of the Static EP by Contactless, which would make sense, since both are on the label Unknown To The Unknown. I dig it.

Another high point in this hour is Automat's Robomelo, from their Introspection EP on SCSI-AV. That's a terrific release. Hardware and Robomelo are the standouts, but the other two tracks are also good. The link above goes to bleep.com where the EP is still available digitally; I think that's how I picked it up years ago.

All that plus mid-2000s breaks by Darren Rhys, glitchy stuff by Jega, and a couple of halftime trap-ish tracks by Vaperror and Kuedo. I'll be back next week with... I'm not sure. Something slower, again.

Mednafen 1.22.2's Joystick Detection and FreeBSD 12

Posted 2020-01-07. Permalink. Tagged freebsd, hardware, software, video games.

Photo of a gamepad next to the game Wipeout XL

A few days ago I bought a Logitech F310 gamepad at my local thrift store. FreeBSD detected it immediately and created the appropriate uhid entry in /dev. SDL2 also saw the gamepad, which I was able to verify with Joytran. The Mednafen game console emulator did not see the device, however. Here's why:

Mednafen 1.22.2 supports three different joystick backends: Linux event devices (evdev), SDL2, and MS Windows DirectInput / XInput devices. The backend is selected when the autoconf ./configure script is run, and then that backend selection is compiled into the Mednafen binary (see the ifdef statement at line 178 in src/drivers/Joystick.cpp).

Mednafen's autoconf script selects the evdev backend if it finds the file linux/joystick.h in the header search path. The FreeBSD port devel/evdev-proto installs that joystick.h header file. So, if you have evdev-proto installed (it's required by x11-toolkits/qt5-gui) and then compile emulators/mednafen it will use evdev and not SDL2 for its joystick support.

I worked around this by commenting out parts of src/drivers/Joystick.cpp (again around line 178) to force Mednafen to use SDL2 for joysticks. I should probably post on FreeBSD's bug tracker; could submit a patch too, it's simple enough.

This whole situation is definitely a corner case. The joystick backend selection in Mednafen could be better, but I'm also doing something a little unusual here.

Posting because this took me hours to figure out, and so I'll remember next time I encounter this problem.

MTT 149 / Course Correct

Posted 2020-01-03. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT149 Spectrogram

An hour of fast space electro for the first show of 2020. A return to some of the tracks I played in the first few weeks of this program.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. The Black Dog / DISinformation Desk 00:00
  2. Shann-X / Trip To The Moon 01:41
  3. Koova / Code 04:56
  4. E.M.S. / Illusion Mode 08:39
  5. T.E.S.T. / Feel 12:15
  6. A.W.E.S.O.M.-O. / Excellence Of Execution 15:19
  7. The Martian / Sunchaser 18:10
  8. Scape One / Base 10 20:39
  9. Microlith / Remember Members 23:45
  10. 96 Back / 000 28:18
  11. Drexciya / Ociya Syndor 30:55
  12. Morphology / Gray Code 35:53
  13. E.R.P. / Ancient Light 39:20
  14. Plant43 / Slate Grey Sky 43:09
  15. Star-Kid / Star Seed 46:58
  16. Cygnus / Extra Terrestrials 49:07
  17. Gosub / The Rain Comes Down (Dcast Dynamics Remix) 52:56
  18. Siesta Foundsystem / Sum Of No Experiences 56:59

As mentioned in the intro, I picked up a bunch of releases from the excellent CPU Records recently during their end of year sale. Tracks 9, 10, 14, and 16 are all from those releases. Remember Members by Microlith, 000 by 96 Back, Slate Grey Sky by Plant43, and Extra Terrestrials by Cygnus, respectively. I think it's safe to say CPU are one of the better known modern electro labels, along with maybe Bass Agenda, Brokntoys, and the revived Electrix. CPU is consistently great, with 70+ releases to flip through, so go check them out at the link(s) above.

My favorite single track this week is Drexciya's Ociya Syndor. I've linked to Grava 4 at Clone's bandcamp page above, but the copy played in this mix is actually from the Drexcyen R.E.S.T. Principle 12" also on Clone. It's a tough tune, love the sort-of call & response between the bass and that buzzy sound.

I've played a lot of this on the show before (I'm going to have to put that Gosub album away for a while...) but hopefully that can be excused. It felt like time to rock out to something familiar.

I'll be back next week with more; something slower, I think.

MTT 148 / Backwards & Forwards

Posted 2019-12-27. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, demoscene, downtempo, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT148 Spectrogram

A bonus tracker mod show for the end of 2019. Many of these tracks are repeats from previous MTT episodes, but I've never lined them all up in one place like this.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Basehead / Earthrise 00:00
  2. Sojagga / Sway 07:16
  3. Reed / Turquoise 10:04
  4. SSDS / Dirty-pearl 12:52
  5. Norfair / Paranoid High 15:33
  6. Shrine / Veins 2 19:40
  7. Xerxes / Confuse Me 22:10
  8. RS3 / Optic Embrace 25:41
  9. Necros / Amber Poison 30:06
  10. Darkhalo / Ebb Tide 33:35
  11. Jama / Syltty Kontrol 37:07
  12. Daze / Luminette 40:53
  13. Radix / Yuki Satellites 43:16
  14. Sape / Juuri Näin. 47:01
  15. RS3 / Ray 49:45
  16. Rb387 / Calm Sounds... and piano. 56:10

A couple of different tracker groups (and/or netlabels) are represented in this mix: Five Musicians (track 1 and 9), Hellven (tracks 7 and 8), and Milk (tracks 6 and 12). I've written about Hellven before; I'll write a similar article about Milk, once I finish going through their catalog. It's pretty strange stuff.

Optic Embrace by RS3 comes from Hellven release #024 "Phases Of Identity". It's a single-file release (PHASES.IT) containing seven tracks, all at 170/85. Refraction Reprise, the RS3 track from last week, is the final track of the release. It's a good EP; if you've got a tracker handy give it a listen.

But the real reason for this hour is to play Yuki Satellites. I was digging through my mods and realized I hadn't listened to it in a while. It appears Radix (AKA Rymdlego) has a youtube channel, complete with a nice video of FT2 running Yuki Satellites. The .xm file itself is available at modarchive, linked above. Go get it because it's awesome.

And that'll do it for December, for 2019, for this decade. It feels right to end the year with some slow late '90s mods. I'll be back next week with... something, I'm not sure. Space-y electro, probably.

MTT 147 / Pattern Repeat

Posted 2019-12-23. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, demoscene, drum & bass, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT147 Spectrogram

This is the third annual MTT tracker music show. Weird breaks, drum & bass, and IDM. The mix features 12 (!) tracks from the Assembly demoparty (including two from 2019), plus a few from the 2018 and 2019 Revision party.

My internet connection dropped during the live broadcast of this show, unfortunately. I couldn't leave it that way, so I re-recorded the whole hour and have uploaded it to both MEGA.nz and mixcloud. The spectrogram above links to mixcloud.

  1. Cube / Illumination 00:00
  2. Complex / Beyond Reality 01:54
  3. Serpent & Rapture / Parking Lot In Space 03:33
  4. Buzzer / Left Behind 06:24
  5. Purple Motion / Purple Sky II 08:58
  6. Dascon & Mygg & Bonefish / Keith 12:23
  7. Rb387 / The Vital Synthetic 64-0 15:36
  8. Necros / Introspection 16:48
  9. Supernao / Elektrik Dew 19:16
  10. Vapor / Landscapes 20:24
  11. Illusion / Azlak 22:33
  12. Norfair / Dreamplay 25:25
  13. Ganja / Late Night Session 27:55
  14. Bacter / Just Bacter 30:18
  15. Goldcrest / Groove-A-Thon 32:42
  16. Xhale / Reflektive 35:21
  17. Prob. / Jazzy Vibesz 37:35
  18. Falcon / Tasting Malibu 40:03
  19. RS3 / Refraction Reprise 41:47
  20. Dune / Control E 44:59
  21. Zaril / Malkavian Rush 48:42
  22. JPX / No Way Out 51:31
  23. JCole / A-Twinkle 54:05
  24. Dune / Nobody Dreaming 56:22

Tracks three and four are both from this year's Assembly Tracked Music Competition; Parking Lot In Space took first place, Left Behind took sixth. Be sure to check out the rest of this year's entries, as they are all terrific.

My favorite from this hour is Keith by Dascon & Mygg & Bonefish. It took first place at the Revision 2019 Tracked Music Competition, and deservedly so. It's very well programmed. There are a bunch of super creative pattern jumps and speed changes in the song, and the thing just sounds good. Download that one and watch it in a tracker, or check out one of the videos on youtube.

One interesting thing about tracker music is that there are multiple ways to set playback speed. There are usually three settings: a tempo setting which is a single BPM (defaults to 125), ticks per row (or speed), and rows per beat. By changing speed or rows per beat and leaving tempo alone, you end up with interesting multiples of tempo. The last fifteen minutes of this mix is an example of this; five tracks all at ~187.5 BPM, or a tempo of 125 and a speed of 4. (Though I'll admit I cheated with a couple to get them to fit).

I'll close by saying: sorry this took so long to upload. There were some problems to overcome in the recording of this one. But, as always, the music is good. I'm glad to have finally gotten some proper old Dune in one of these shows. There's one more broadcast before the end of the year; that'll be a mellow one, I think.

Tronix @ Ground Kontrol / December 18th 2019

Posted 2019-12-19. Permalink. Tagged breaks, electro, ground kontrol, idm, music.

Proqxis couldn't make it to his regular show at Ground Kontrol Arcade last night, so my friend DJ Cache and I filled in for him. We split the night in half; I took the first slot from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Here's what I played:

  1. Nathan Solo / Forgotten Scent ~9:00 PM
  2. B12 / Scriptures
  3. CRC / Influence Device 001
  4. Jega / Saint Bees
  5. Jega / Knight Lore
  6. Pip Williams / ASBO Youth
  7. Sbles3plex / Mathematic Universe
  8. Ivna Ji / Maar
  9. Xhale / Reflektive
  10. AFX / Analogue Bubblebath
  11. Nullptr / AFTRMTH
  12. Autechre / Are Y Are We?
  13. The Outsider / Hitcher
  14. Laka 942 / Intervencion En Marte P.I.C.
  15. Imatran Voima / Kurvi
  16. Ivna Ji / Soll
  17. Kemko / 1st Contact (Drew Progress Remix)
  18. Exhausted Modern / At The Edge Of Unknown Worlds
  19. Vetrix / NextPhaser-Leader1
  20. Ares Voo / Stelios
  21. Narcose & Orchid / Descrescent
  22. Composite Profuse / CRC666
  23. MK2 / Burial Mix (RYU Instrumental Mix) [45RPM]
  24. Luke Vibert / Voyage Into The Unknown
  25. Autopilot / Lovely Loop
  26. Andy Garvey x Disrute / NRG
  27. MAS 2008 / Genetic Testing
  28. Kaiowa / Aliensex
  29. Autechre / Inhake 2
  30. Marco Bernardi / Complete Direction
  31. Nagz / Nuclear Deterrent
  32. Silicon Scally / Parallel Array
  33. Króm / Painting Textures (Sniper Mode Remix)
  34. üNN / Reality (Sniper Mode Remix)
  35. BFX / Whisper (Original)
  36. Boris Divider / The Last Resistance
  37. Marco Bernardi / Catching Clouds In Outerspace ~11:00 PM

Cache took over at this point playing a mixture of disco, electro, house, techno, etc.. Two fine sets and a fun crowd; thanks to everyone who came out and listened.

Shoutout to DJ Maxx Bass for playing music for the private party that was held before Cache and I got there. It was good to see him again; I'll have to swing by Clinton Street Records sometime soon.

MTT 146 / A Winter Rotation

Posted 2019-12-13. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, house, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT146 Spectrogram

Electro, house, and techno. Some loose mixing this week, working out a few ideas.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Nathan Solo / Forgotten Scent 00:00
  2. B12 / Scriptures 02:50
  3. CRC / Influence Device 001 06:47
  4. PMA / Hek 09:39
  5. Carl Finlow / Wafer Thin 14:48
  6. Dr. Futurist / Surface Integral 19:09
  7. Drexciya / Surface Terrestrial Colonization 21:58
  8. Das Muster / Zeittunel 27:16
  9. Luke Eargoggle / Fritzland 29:06
  10. XY0815 / Pseudo Bavaria 31:44
  11. Marco Bernardi / Plat+Form 34:47
  12. Herr Wacher / Spatial 38:05
  13. Scape One / Moody Diversion 41:55
  14. Stingray313 / NKKK4_2 44:59
  15. Peletronic / Panorama 47:30
  16. Legowelt / DX Days 50:09
  17. Zwart Licht Kommando / Wind Turbine 54:07

The excellent Brokntoys label features again with three tracks, specifically the run from track 9 through 11. XY0815's Pseudo Bavaria is my favorite of those three. It goes well with the kind of angular, stiff, kick-on-1-and-3 electro represented here by Eargoggle's Fritzland.

Track 4, Hek by PMA, is another piece from Pure Space's PS001.2. It's bright and kind of unruly; a lot of fun. It's going to be hard to not play every cut from that release on this show...

This was an okay set. I wish I hadn't flubbed that mix into Surface Terrestrial Colonization. That record usually gives me trouble. But, as always, the tracks are good. Next week will probably be the yearly demoscene show, expect some weird tunes.