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Movement Through Thought No. 003 Playlist

Posted 2017-03-17. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT003 Spectrogram

Some IDM. Also at the archives.

  1. Brothomstates / Viimo
  2. MD / Laivurinkatu 6
  3. Push Button Objects / Nocturnal Devices
  4. Metamatics / Blue Water
  5. Dune / Not Blue
  6. Króm / Clarity
  7. Metamatics / Dope Robot's Revenge
  8. Proswell / 0eo
  9. Plaid / The Return Of Super Barrio (Instrumental)
  10. Jega / Soulflute
  11. Speedy J / De-Orbit
  12. MD / Cxib
  13. Delayscape / Laugh Track
  14. Autechre / The Egg

I've wanted to use Not Blue by Dune in a mix for months. Threw the rest of the tracks together around it. Some Warp classics: Artificial Intelligence, Claro; a couple Monotonik releases; and a few records I have laying around.

The MD tracks and Not Blue by Dune were rendered to .wav with Modplug Tracker. Sorry if it doesn't sound exactly correct.