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MTT 132 / Missing Link

Posted 2019-09-06. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, movement through thought, music, radio, techno.

MTT132 Spectrogram

More fast electro, following from where the curve left off two weeks ago.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Sonar Base / Photon Filters 00:00
  2. Arp 220 / Meur Maei 03:01
  3. Alpha 606 / Anarchy In China 06:48
  4. Dr. Futurist / Salient 10:54
  5. Boris Divider / Clone Factory 13:14
  6. Drox / Raw Communication 17:05
  7. Lowfish / The Freezing 20:53
  8. Dangerous Frontiers / We Are Invisible 24:20
  9. Sonar Base / Space Travel 27:22
  10. Plant43 / Inward Stream 30:44
  11. Rings Around Saturn / Perfect Crime 36:05
  12. Photodementia / D's Groove 40:17
  13. The Beat Club / Lost In Space (Deep Space) 43:17
  14. Eon / Jackbox 45:47
  15. J. Shaw / Levels Of Space 48:31
  16. Scarletron / Decalcomania 52:04
  17. Radioactiveman vs. Luke Dumbstruck / Acid Shelf 58:02

Two tracks from the excellent Brokntoys label feature in this mix: Arp 220's Meur Maei and Perfect Crime by Rings Around Saturn. Brokntoys has an amazing catalog of acid, electro, IDM, techno, and genuine weirdness up at their bandcamp. I can't recommend them enough; I just picked up their discography for the second time.

The centerpiece of this hour, the song I was building to, is Scarletron's Decalcomania. Scarletron is Carl Finlow (best known as Silicon Scally) and Daz Quayle (head of the SCSI-AV label). Released on Electron Industries in 1996, it's a big record, pretty well-known. The b-side, Cusp Catastrophe, is also excellent.

All of these tracks are good, though the arrangement could be better. I'll be back next week with something slower.