About & contact, blog, blog archive, mastodon, now, or e-mail me: cev@sdf.org.


Hi, I'm Cameron.
I collect electronic music, use Linux and BSD, and play Quake.

Where to find me

By e-mail here at the sdf - cev@sdf.org.

Bandcamp "fan" account at bandcamp.com/cameronvanderzanden.
On IRC: irc.rizon.net nickname pikel, irc.sdf.org nickname cev.
Mastodon user cev@mastodon.sdf.org.

Shows, gigs, music things

Logical Aggression at Ground Kontrol every last Wednesday, 9 PM 'till close with with my friend DJ Megaphysics. Playing weird electronic music, vinyl and digital, since 201x.

Movement Through Thought on Anonradio, playing electronic music every Friday 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM UTC.