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"What I'm doing now," inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Movement.


I'm currently engaged DJing at Ground Kontrol, and on Anonradio. I'm playing with the idea of seeking additional bookings elsewhere.

Consuming (researching?) music, new and old. Mostly new electro releases and old tracker mods. Slowly dipping my toe into 2-step garage and future garage.

Reading mostly cyberpunk novels. Primarily interested in tracking down and reading novels by the authors who appear in Mirrorshades. Reading other books also, when time and money permits.

Listening to old episodes of the podcasts Writer & Critic and Backlisted.

Working towards writing music again. That means developing a sample library and learning the hotkeys and effects parameters in Renoise.

Also working on becoming vaguely employable again. Will seek part time work to start, I think. Realistically what that means is I'm leaving the house more often.

So, a lot of media consumed, not much produced.