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Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / February 2019

Posted 2019-02-28. Permalink. Tagged ambient, breaks, downtempo, drum & bass, electro, ground kontrol, idm, logical aggression, music, synthpop.

Megaphysics and I played our regular monthly show - Logical Aggression at Ground Kontrol - last night. Megaphysics opened the night playing electro, house, and techno from 9:00 PM until approximately 11:30 PM. Then I took over with a mixture of breaks, downtempo, electro, and pieces of MTT 100.

Here's my tracklist:

  1. Hadamard / Currents (Arctic) ~11:30 PM
  2. Dr. Futurist / Bound To The Atom
  3. 214 / Auto Parts
  4. ADJ / Electric
  5. Silicon Scally / Indefinite Space
  6. Mat Carter / Venting Steam
  7. Nomadic / Alpha Phix (Andrea Parker Remix)
  8. GD Luxxe / Keep Me (DMX Krew Remix)
  9. Novamen / Dreaming Of
  10. MAS 2008 / Being A Number
  11. DJ Graeme / Illectro
  12. ILS / Strange Light
  13. Paradox & MdCL / Dystopia
  14. Teebee & K / Moonraker
  15. Michna / Redline Flights
  16. Jon Convex / Vacuum States
  17. Mitch Murder / Coup de Théâtre
  18. Analogue Audio Association / Die Kehrseitte
  19. Danny Scrilla / Night Sweats
  20. Crystal Maze / Castro Valley
  21. Cloak & Dagger / Soul Sauce
  22. Fracture / Sound Spectrum '96
  23. Nebula / Frame Of Reference
  24. Dissident / Universe Eat Universe
  25. Brad Impact / Everything I Left Behind
  26. R.M / Tanuki
  27. Equinox / Your Love's So Cold
  28. Moresounds / Ting N Tings
  29. Instra:mental vs. D Bridge / Translucent
  30. Oliver Yorke / Totem
  31. Vaccine / Ochre
  32. Jus Wan / Miles Away
  33. Dogon / Fool's Walk
  34. Vangelis / Le Singe Bleu (Om Unit Edit)
  35. Eschaton / Aphelian
  36. Jus Wan / In Your Orbit
  37. The Pad Foundation / Red
  38. Dagobert / Sky High ~1:45 AM
  39. Keef Baker / ar53
  40. Three Tragic Myths / Blossom

And to close the night, Megaphysics played one more track:

  1. Derrick May / Strings Of Life (Francesco Tristano Version)

Was a good show! Both Megaphysics and myself had good sets. I'm glad I got to play those new (well, new-to-me) Subtle Audio tracks.

MTT No. 096 / The Older You Get

Posted 2018-12-28. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, breaks, downtempo, dub techno, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT096 Spectrogram

Ambient, downtempo and breakbeat-y things on the program this week. Winding down after playing the arcade yesterday.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Albert Kuningas / Astraaliprojektio 00:00
  2. Ian O'Brien / Dayride 03:20
  3. Air / Travelling Without Moving (Trip 8) 09:01
  4. Fluke / Kitten Moon 12:28
  5. üNN / Passengers 19:15
  6. FSOL / Eyes Pop, Skin Explodes, Everybody Dead 22:43
  7. Neotropic / Nana 25:52
  8. International Observer / Flip Flop Cemetery 29:45
  9. Dublicator / Echos Of Babylon 34:13
  10. Cabaret Voltaire / Resonator 38:15
  11. Karl Biscuit / Hiérophone (Avalon Remix) 41:35
  12. Kenny Larkin / Java 46:16
  13. 69 / Desire 51:19
  14. Neotropic / The Older You Get 57:04

FSOL, Neotropic, two tracks from Freezone 1: The Phenomenology of Ambient, a couple tracks from the Elektrolux label. Good stuff.

Kitten Moon by Fluke stands out. I recently listened to that album again for the first time in years, and it holds up well. Though it is hard to hear the first two tracks without thinking of the movies (and commercials, etc.) they appeared in.

But the highlight here is Desire by Carl Craig, for sure. I've wanted to play that for months, and I can't think of a better way to close 2018.

MTT No. 095 / Beyond Reality

Posted 2018-12-21. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, demoscene, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT095 Spectrogram

Tracker mods! Breakbeat, IDM, and oldschool mods this week. Featuring ten tracks sourced from The Assembly's music competitions.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Skaven / Second Reality I 00:00
  2. Firelight / After The Storm 01:33
  3. Roz / Straightbackward 04:30
  4. Necros / Cloud City 06:40
  5. Lizardking / Claustrophobia 09:52
  6. Buzzer / Let's Party Again 12:49
  7. Darkhalo / Underwater Voyage Pt. 2 15:07
  8. Yli. / Mass Control 17:56
  9. Unconsciousness / Ramshackle Place 19:36
  10. Hooligan / Jazzy High 20:37
  11. Nagz / Nuclear Deterrent 22:29
  12. Willow / Machine Drome 24:20
  13. Understandable Product / _01 (Mix B - Tapestry) 27:17
  14. Rb387 / Invisible Objects 28:34
  15. DNA / Unelmia (Dremas) 31:38
  16. MD / Headroom 34:28
  17. Nagz / Skin After Flash 36:55
  18. Xhale / Attending Eart 38:48
  19. Jcole / Berylux Tones 41:37
  20. RS3 / The Lunar Trinity 44:07
  21. Purple Motion / Second Reality II 48:56
  22. Ambientmove & Velvet / Sojourner 54:56
  23. Ceniq / XEQ-Complex 56:53
  24. Skaven / Second Reality III 58:23

Ten of these songs come from The Assembly demoscene party's music archive, as mentioned. Straightbackward and Let's Party Again were both released this year - the Assembly 2018 Tracked Music entries in general are excellent. Five tracks are from the Assembly 1998 Music competition. For some reason, there's only one music category in 1998, with 100+ entries. There's a lot of great downtempo, drum & bass, and IDM in that 1998 competition, some of which I plan to write about later.

Cloud City by Necros and Headroom by MD (aka Mellow-D) both come from the excellent group Five Musicians. I'm a big fan of the artists in FM, and can't recommend their music enough. Their catalog can be found at archive.org and at netlabelarchive.org.

This one's pretty good! There's a small popping noise at 24:21 that I forgot to mute, and an unfortunate zip noise at 25:12. (Digital DJ-ing problems). Also, some of these tracks were rendered with the wrong sample interpolation settings (particularly noticeable on Sojourner - that song isn't supposed to sound crunchy). I'll go back and fix those tracks as I come across them.

Shoutout to Foamhat and JWM.

MTT No. 086 / The Nameless City

Posted 2018-10-19. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, breaks, electro, idm, industrial, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT086 Spectrogram

Ambient, electro, IDM, industrial... an odd mixture this week. Another grab-bag show.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. NNYNYX / Slipgate 00:00
  2. Hadamard / Untitled [Bunker 3071 B3] 01:21
  3. Sonar Base / Blunted 02:44
  4. RS3 / A Vile Pattern 05:25
  5. Skinny Puppy / Dal 09:14
  6. Headscan / Lolife 14:01
  7. Haujobb / Trivial 18:11
  8. Ignatius / Eloper (Gasp Remix) 18:59
  9. Phoenecia / Eyebrow 21:55
  10. NNYNYX / A Thousand Young 26:51
  11. Uniflux / Hypaedrone 29:36
  12. Anthony Rother / Biomechanik (Internal Groove Mix) 33:48
  13. Poison Arrow / If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face) (Razor Dub) 37:13
  14. DPO / Germ Cells 43:21
  15. Dark Vektor / Espeluztacular 45:45
  16. Shadowbunny / Varun Kai Physics 50:56
  17. Inkamera ft. Bogdan W. Rousseau / No Dead Men's Cries 55:49
  18. C/∆/T / Dull Hunger 58:24

If You Don't Love Me (I'll Cut Your Face) is my current favorite here. Something about the chopped vocal at the end reminds me of The Art Of Noise, in a good way. It's been out for about six months now, part of the excellent Pleasure District series on Exit Records UK.

I'm a bit braindead this week and don't feel like saying much, so I'll close with this:

Cropped screenshot of Quake 1 E4M8 'The Nameless City'

MTT No. 077 / Attack Position

Posted 2018-08-17. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, electro, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT077 Spectrogram

2000s UK breaks and electro bass. Fast, tough music.
Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Industrial Bass Machine / Prepare For Invasion 00:01
  2. Dexorcist ft. Krude / Edge City Express 01:15
  3. Kronos Device / Below The Surface 06:45
  4. Industrial Bass Machine / Invisible Force 10:05
  5. Blackmass Plastics / Impure 13:41
  6. Bomb Dogs / Through The Wires 17:31
  7. Kansas City Prophets / Ignition 20:54
  8. Noyeahno / Makin' Me Weird 23:16
  9. DJ Controlled Weirdness / Bass Sox Express 26:13
  10. Aaron Spectre / Music Is The Weapon 28:28
  11. Bomb Dogs / A Touch Of The Old 31:49
  12. DJ Controlled Weirdness V Dexorcist / The Monsters 36:37
  13. Radioactive Man vs The Dexorcist / Sector 6 40:02
  14. Kronos Device / Terminate The Bass 43:59
  15. Radioactive Man / Manwich 49:41
  16. Omni Trio / Mainline 51:52
  17. Tim Wright / Shadow Of The Beast III Opening (Paul Blackford Electro Remix) 56:27

I associate this selection, this sound in general, with Battle Trax and Control Tower. Also Audio Illusion and SMB Records, but none of that made it in (because I don't own any, and couldn't pick any up in time). Also represented are Digital Distortions, Dirty Needles, and Rag & Bone which are (as far as I can tell) labels friendly with the Control Tower / SMB set.

There's a lot of Dexorcist and a bit of Bass Junkie in this. I won't go through listing each track (I'm already being tedious); you can figure it out from their discogs pages.

Track 13, listed here as Sector 6 by Radioactive Man & Dexorcist, might not be named correctly. I bought it on beatport, and that's how the track is labeled there. However, if you look up Sector 6 on youtube, you'll find a different track, actually the opposite side of that record. Beatport is often wrong in this way, which is one of the reasons I never link to it. I've credited the track as Sector 6 here because it forms a nice link with last week's mix.

This mix ended up straying from strict UK electro bass. I got into some breaks, even threw in an old Omni Trio hardcore track for fun. It doesn't flow right and some of the mixing is loose, but I'm satisfied. Good enough.

MTT No. 071 / Something Stronger

Posted 2018-07-06. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT071 Spectrogram

A stack of '90s breakbeats. From all over the map, all mashed together.
Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Eon / Something Stronger (Infinity Mix) 00:00
  2. Dave Trance / Promise Me (Dave's 3AM Fever Mix) 01:01
  3. The Future Sound Of London / Expander 03:46
  4. ILS / Revolver 08:02
  5. DJ Icey / Don't Stop 12:04
  6. The Octagon Man / Chocolate Machine 15:20
  7. Dave Trance / Promise Me (DJ Who's "Don't Promise Me Shit Mix") 18:18
  8. DJs Friction & Spice / Future Funk 21:57
  9. Mental Cube / Chile Of The Bass Generation 24:44
  10. Leftfield . Bambaataa / Afrika Shox (Jedi's Elastic Bass Remix) 27:23
  11. Meat Beat Manifesto / Spanish Vocoder 30:02
  12. M5 ft. Brad Raker / Gotta Feeling (Break Mix) 32:04
  13. Necros / Isotoxin 35:35
  14. Überzone / Believe 39:25
  15. Überzone / In Beats 41:05
  16. The Ultraviolet Catastrophe / Trip Harder 42:22
  17. The Crystal Method / Now Is The Time (The Olympic Mix) 46:40
  18. The Future Sound Of London / Papua New Guinea (Monsoon Mix) 52:43
  19. Kung Fu Jesus / Amen.. & Then Some 56:37
  20. B Phenix / Tomorrow Lost Yesterday 58:30

What I said about MTT021 holds true for this show as well - this is the kind of mix I used to make in high school, only better. I'm still playing and listening to most of the same tracks from that time period, as demonstrated here. (Crystal Method, FSOL, Überzone, etc.)

There's a lot of FSOL in this. Expander and Papua New Guinea, obviously, but also Chile Of The Bass Generation from the deceptive Earthbeat compilation. And Necros' Isotoxin, which I consider an honorary FSOL track, based on the sound of it. About once a year I try to mix Isotoxin into Expander and each time I re-discover it doesn't work.

Following up on MTT021 again, I did pick up a copy of The Trip (in this case the Remixes 12") for this mix. I don't think I presented it well here - I should have started it from a point further in the track. It's a massive tune regardless.

I'm happy with this. It's been a good week, going through these tracks again.

MTT No. 067 / Drive (To Nowhere)

Posted 2018-06-08. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT067 Spectrogram

A mix of breaks, IDM, and electro this week. It sounds like... nonsense. Heh.
Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Luke Vibert / Reality Check 00:00
  2. Sint / Off To Work 03:49
  3. Fellmann & Louise / Chicken Sandwich 06:07
  4. Wenzel / Latenight Drive 09:03
  5. Paul Hardcastle / King Tut 13:31
  6. Facade / The Groove (Drive To Hollywood Version) 17:35
  7. Hashim / Chateau Vie (Castle Life) 22:04
  8. Intelligent Concept / Keep Da' Groove 25:09
  9. Nagz / Daughter of Time 29:32
  10. Tusken Raiders / Sexy Sandpeople 31:35
  11. Dagobert / Ready To Rock (Electronic Religion) 34:32
  12. Imatran Voima / Commando (Sbassship Remix) 36:52
  13. Brothomstates / Rktic 40:48
  14. Two Lines / Lexo 1000 45:21
  15. Outputmessage / Bernard's Song 51:12
  16. Hajimari ft. Jai Tee / Untitled 56:16

I'm feeling particularly braindead today, so I'll keep my comments short.

Nagz' Daugher of Time is supremely awesome and way, way too short. I've played Nagz once before on MTT. There's a directory full of his Fasttracker 2 mods on my hard drive that I need to go through. Might be a good idea to do a few extended edits, too.

Brothomstates' Rktic is the only record I have on the Warp sublabel Arcola. I'm a huge fan of Brothomstates, as I've mentioned before. It's a killer 12". The b-side - Matala Bobo - is just as good as Rktic.

The Lexo 1000 to Bernard's Song transition is one I particularly like, and have done a few times at Ground Kontrol. Both tracks are from very good (and very different) compilations.

I don't know what the selection will look like next week. I'll spend my time thinking sunny thoughts, and we'll see what happens.

MTT No. 063 / Delta Vision

Posted 2018-05-11. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, electro, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT063 Spectrogram

Electro and a bit of breaks. Mostly 2000s-era, ~135. I wanted to dance around a bit.
Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. TRV / Bilocation 00:00
  2. Sbassship / Into The Corridors Of Time 01:15
  3. Magnetic Bass Force / Artificial 05:06
  4. Morphogenetic / They Walk Among Us 07:45
  5. Shadowbunny / Δ 13:01
  6. Mike Ash / 24 Hours 16:49
  7. Influenza / Panic Room (Transformer Man Remix) 19:57
  8. Sbles3plex / Step Back (Stroud's Funkyfuturistic Breaks Mix) 23:15
  9. Xav / Moneyshot 25:38
  10. Clone Theory / Electrollenium 30:14
  11. Blastromen / Robot Aggression 34:58
  12. Romplex / The Mission 40:18
  13. Dusko Janevski / Vortex 42:14
  14. Sbles3plex / The Virtual Place Is The Future (Xerodefx Remix) 46:47
  15. Gab.Gato / Dominant Race 51:18
  16. Umwelt / The Zeta Reticula Incident 56:00

The labels Dominance Electricity and Fundamental Bass Intelligence each appear three times in this mix. Dominance as tracks 1, 2, and 15. FBI as tracks 4, 8, and 14. Less than I expected to play, but it worked out well enough. Both are fantastic electro labels, and go together well. (I think, anyway).

The breaks selections in the middle are mostly used bin finds. The most interesting is probably Electrollenium by Clone Theory. Discogs tells me that Clone Theory is Alan Hill and David Froud - I'm a fan of Froud's project Heuristic Audio, which I've mentioned before.

Vortex by Dusko Janevski is the newest track in this mix. (Released about a month ago on the excellent label Aztlán). It reminds me of an old track by Andy Düx & Bombing F called Cyber Vision. Storming tunes both, and very like techno in their construction. Big thumbs up for the Dusko Janevski EP. (And someday I'll pull out Cyber Vision; for now it remains a secret weapon).

Alright, I'm done rambling. Uneven volume levels, and some dim-sounding vinyl, but I rocked out just the same.