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MTT No. 038 / Basslines & Synthetic Claps

anonradio, disco, electro, movement through thought, music, radio, techno // 2017-11-17

MTT038 Spectrogram

Disco, techno, electro. Some jams this week. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Bangkok Impact / Crowdpleaser
  2. Orgue Electronique ft. Luke Eargoggle / Den Bosch
  3. Kitbuilders / Give It To Me
  4. Legowelt / Conquestadores Extraterrestriales (Remix)
  5. Gosub / Strange City
  6. Japanese Telecom / Virtual Origami 2
  7. Blackploid / Photographic Photogenic
  8. Japanese Telecom / Character Maps (Perspects Remix)
  9. Raiders of the Lost Arp / Workflow
  10. Cybotron / Alleys Of Your Mind
  11. A Number Of Names / Sharevari (Vocal)
  12. Ectomorph / Lost Angles (Manyangles Version)
  13. Perspects / They Keep Dancing (Instrumental)
  14. Gino Soccio / Remember (VICTIM OF CHANGE edit)
  15. Telex / Moskow Diskow (Original French Version)
  16. Private Lives / Private Life (Extended Mix)
  17. Solvent / My Radio
  18. Bangkok Impact / Traveller (Part 2)

The Strange City - Virtual Origami 2 - Photographic Photogenic segment is a neat little Gerald Donald-ian diversion in the middle of this mix. It's pointed out on the discogs page for Blackploid's Inhaltsverzeichnis EP that Photographic Photogenic sounds a lot like Virtual Origami 2; the commenter was right, and it makes for a nice (and very quick) little mix.

All of the old "real" disco tracks included here (Remember, Moskow Diskow, arguably Sharevari) are unauthorized bootlegs. It still surprises me that something so difficult to manufacture as vinyl gets bootlegged that way.

Private Life is one that made it into the shops when I was actively buying records in ~2007. It's one of my favorites. Private Lives, the artist, turns out to be Cylob & Ed DMX. (According to discogs, anyway).

Finally, My Radio by Solvent. From the second of the three Disco Nouveau records, which I've mentioned before. I'll say again: that compilation is extremely good. This mix includes two other tracks from it, Lost Angles and They Keep Dancing. But My Radio takes the prize. A song of loss and disappointment direct at a radio. Look up the lyrics!

MTT No. 037 / Start It Over

anonradio, breaks, disco, electro, idm, movement through thought, music, radio // 2017-11-10

MTT037 Spectrogram

Some low-key spacey electro this week. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Lazer Kontinent / Telenet
  2. Scape One / Timelapse
  3. Electroberlin / Spin Me Round
  4. Dark Vektor / Patetic
  5. Ares Voo / The One
  6. Electroberlin / Observer
  7. Autechre / Bike
  8. ITPDWIP / Haguenesse Wind
  9. Zainetica / Teleport
  10. Shann-X / Earthly Abyss
  11. The Outsider / Cosmoship
  12. Charlie / Spacer Woman
  13. Daddy Long Legs / Intergalactic Lover
  14. Xformxs / Ailama
  15. Xformxs / Outro

There are a couple of odd selections in this. The Ares Voo track is a nice bit of psybreaks, found on Ektoplazm. Zainetica's Teleport is a neat old track from the Xynthetic netlabel. Finally Bike, by Autechre, but that probably doesn't need explanation.

And then Spacer Woman. The version I have is a bootleg from 2005, bought February of 2006. (I still have the receipt). I wanted to hear it, so here it is. Plus it's an excuse to smash Intergalactic Lover in.

I'm a spacer woman, don't you worry 'bout me~

MTT No. 034 / Far Away Images

acid, anonradio, disco, ebm, electro, movement through thought, music, radio // 2017-10-20

MTT034 Spectrogram

A loose mix of spooky four-on-the-floor stuff. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Orgue Electronique / Le Notti Del Terrore
  2. Marco Bernardi / Catman's Going To Get You
  3. Beta Evers / Don't Be Afraid
  4. Squadra Blanco / The Dream That Doesn't Stop
  5. G.D. Luxxe / Future On DVD
  6. Ectomorph / Chromed Out
  7. Seele Ohne Ziel / Track 3
  8. Hadamard / The Horror
  9. AS1 / Walking On Fire
  10. Photodementia / Drux
  11. Nancy Fortune / Analogically Reacting
  12. Ectomorph / Only In Shadows
  13. Rude 66 / Angst Bleibt
  14. Syncom Data / UnphAzD (Strings Attached Mix)
  15. Pitch Mode / 230408
  16. Vincent Koreman / Abandon Yr Goals
  17. Private Entertainment / In The Woods (Venus Noir Mix)
  18. Unknown / UnTrak

Warning: this one gets a bit crunchy at the end. The last 10 minutes in particular.

Not too dissimilar from what I've been playing this month. Bunker, Crème Organization, IT, Viewlexx. A little more disco-y, or techno-y, or house-y.

Squadra Blanco's Night of the Illuminati deserves a special mention. A fantastic Legowelt sideproject (in case it wasn't obvious). It should be heard by everyone.

MTT No. 013 / Makin' Music

anonradio, disco, movement through thought, music, radio // 2017-05-26

MTT013 Spectrogram

Disco? Disco. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Kerrier District / Sho U Rite
  2. Daniel Wang / Berlin Sunrise (Die Nacht)
  3. Susumu Yokota / Re: Disco
  4. Dream Disco / Take Me Home (Dubstrumental Version)
  5. R.E.M. / Computer Communication (Remix)
  6. Makina Girgir / Siren Scam
  7. Orgue Electronique / The Plot
  8. Bangkok Impact / Passenger
  9. Ghecko / Firelight (Fleming Dalum Mix)
  10. Squadra Blanco / We Are The Illuminati
  11. The Conservatives / Loneliness
  12. The Parallax Corporation / Burning Ignorance
  13. Gary's Gang / Makin' Music (Dub Mix)

This is largely an excuse to listen to Makin' Music by Gary's Gang. The rest of the tracks are a mixture of old Viewlexx, Creme, and Ghostly International. (If you like these tracks, seek out the Disco Nouveau comp on Ghostly.)

Inspired by hazy memories of the CBS.