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MTT 107 / Mixed Reflections

Posted 2019-03-15. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, dub, dub techno, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT107 Spectrogram

Straight dub techno this episode. New and old, combined haphazardly.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Melotone / Dispersion Relation 01:15
  2. Ovatow / Phalaenopsis Dub I 06:12
  3. Mark Broom / Runners 10:44
  4. Zzzzra / Venlafaxine (75mg) 14:23
  5. Axs / Altitude Control 18:09
  6. Luke Hess / Motor Dub 20:58
  7. Dimomib / Dubplate 24:30
  8. Rhythm & Sound / See Mi Version 28:09
  9. Deadbeat / Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues 31:05
  10. Fenin / Warning 36:41
  11. Elting Lieb / Roll Side 39:30
  12. Literon / Permutation One 43:28
  13. Basic Channel / Q 1.1 I 45:58
  14. Kris Moon / GXAFT 52:27
  15. Sustainer / Monocromo_C 54:38
  16. Brother Blue / Shoreline Drive 56:17

There are a couple of old favorites in here - the Elting Lieb track, the third Monocromo track (I've now played all three of those on this program), See Mi Version. But my current favorite from this selection is Deadbeat's Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues. That whole album, Wild Life Documentaries, is fantastic.

I've been listening to dub techno all month. Something about dubby music in spring seems right to me. I'm sure I'll play more next week, so check back for that.

MTT 105 / Unfinished Business

Posted 2019-03-01. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, downtempo, dub, idm, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT105 Spectrogram

Ambient, downtempo, and weird stuff this week. Winding down from DJing at the arcade last night.

This episode’s recording did not stop when the show did, so unfortunately it ended up being nine hours long. One hour of MTT, eight hours of robot DJ Kumata. It's still available here, or linked as the spectrogram above.

  1. Frequent C / Skyward 00:00
  2. Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor / Protection (Radiation Ruling The Nation) 02:36
  3. Hong Kong Express / Unfinished Business 09:50
  4. Meat Beat Manifesto / Addiction 12:30
  5. Skull / Destroy All Monsters 16:18
  6. DJ Krush ft. KK / Rust 20:42
  7. Flying Lotus / Golden Diva 23:44
  8. Boards Of Canada / Turquoise Hexagon Sun 27:32
  9. Kouichi Yamazaki / A Point Of No Return 32:04
  10. Photek / DNA 35:06
  11. Depeche Mode / Barrel Of A Gun (Smith's Soft Mix) 40:10
  12. Keef Baker / ar53 44:47
  13. Three Tragic Myths / Blossom 48:09
  14. Coil / Windowpane (12" Version) 52:47
  15. Frequent C / Spinning In The Field 58:24

Boards Of Canada, Depeche Mode, Flying Lotus, and Josh Walund all in the same hour. That's some kind of achievement, I think. The first 40 minutes of this is pretty good, but the end falls apart a bit. That's alright though, still good tracks.

So this is the first show of year 3. For the last 104 shows, 104 hours, I haven't repeated a track. (As near as I can tell, anyway). That was a restriction I imposed on myself when I started. Over the last two years I've more or less run through both my knowledge and the best of my music collection. I'm lifting that restriction now, and I'm going to start repeating individual songs. I'll make an effort to not repeat runs or specific mixes.

Thank you all for listening this past year, and thank you aNONradio for hosting my program.

MTT No. 030 / Strugglin'

Posted 2017-09-22. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, dub, dub techno, dubstep, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT030 Spectrogram

A mixture of Dubstep and Dub Techno this week. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Basic Channel / Radiance II
  2. Scuba / Speak
  3. Reedale Rise / Duv
  4. Jus Wan / Stand Dub
  5. 2562 / Moog Dub
  6. Insync vs Mysteron² / Naked I
  7. RSD / Speeka Box
  8. Martyn / Shadowcasting
  9. 2562 / Circulate
  10. Saafi Brothers / Internal.Code.Error. (Bandulu Remix)
  11. Bandulu / Isn't It Time
  12. Basic Channel / Octagon
  13. Shackleton / You Bring Me Down
  14. The Black Dog / Siiiipher (The Bass Soldier's Forgemaster Remix)
  15. Appleblim / Vansan (T++ Remix)
  16. 2562 / Enforcers
  17. Gatekeeper / Let Go
  18. Distance / Delight

The selection above is directly inspired by DJ Struggle's 2007 mix Struggle Dubs 5. It used to be hosted on insectmind.com, but has since disappeared from the internet. One transition - Octagon to You Bring Me Down - was lifted straight from Struggle's mix.

More broadly, Struggle Dubs 5 was the first time I'd heard dubstep that referenced the dub techno sound. 2562's Aerial, in particular is very good at this. It's a sound I still very much like, even if it's maybe a bit dated now.

A bit of a messy mix (I shouldn't have played Isn't It Time), but hopefully still enjoyable.

Reedale Rise / Archivist

Posted 2017-08-14. Permalink. Tagged 2010s, digital release, dub, electro, house, idm, music, techno.

Archivist cover Reedale Rise

Released 2014. Flac, 16bit, 290MB.

  1. Eisrous
  2. Io
  3. Duv
  4. Illiyon
  5. Haali
  6. X-K
  7. Kae
  8. Rodeon
  9. 4th State
  10. Alavee (Mr. Fingers Cover)
  11. Kowdow
  12. Glyph

Source: reedalerise.bandcamp.com.
Free release from Reedale Rise. Mellow. Just about every track stands out on this. I'm especially fond of Duv for the 70 BPM dub sound.

MTT No. 022 / In The Garden

Posted 2017-07-28. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, dub, movement through thought, music, radio, reggae.

MTT022 Spectrogram

Dub & Reggae for a tired summer night. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Scientist / Seconds Away
  2. Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players / Just Landed
  3. Dub Syndicate / Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding Pt. 3
  4. Augustus Pablo / Stop Them Jah
  5. Linton Kwesi Johnson / Shocking Dub
  6. Junior Murvin / Police & Thieves
  7. The Upsetters / Grumblin' Dub
  8. Junior Murvin / Bad Weed
  9. Bullwackies All Stars / Bullwackies Revenge
  10. Augustus Pablo / Say So
  11. Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa ft. Horace Andy / Truth & Dub
  12. Scientist / 911
  13. Linton Kwesi Johnson / Reality Dub
  14. Augustus Pablo / Skanking Dub
  15. Bullwackies All Stars / Dubbing Around
  16. Dub Syndicate / Gather At The River
  17. Max Romeo / One Step Forward

This week I discovered that I own less dub than I thought. Which is why few albums are featured here.

I'll highlight two albums this week: Dub Syndicate's excellent Pounding System, and Linton Kwesi Johnson's LKJ In Dub. Pounding System has been a favorite of mine for years. Beautifully spacey stuff. LKJ In Dub is one I found recently, through the BBC Four documentary Reggae Britannia (parts of which can be found on youtube).

Time to space out.

MTT No. 018 / Hold On To That

Posted 2017-06-30. Permalink. Tagged ambient, anonradio, dub, illbeint, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT018 Spectrogram

Dub and downtempo for a tired summer night. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Dogon / Knocking On Through
  2. Earthling / Nothingness
  3. Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players / The Big Black Other
  4. Mad Professor & Joe Ariwa ft. Horace Andy / Hiding In The Asylum
  5. Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor / Cool Monsoon (Weather Storm)
  6. Automaton / Astral Altar (The Gateway Of Legba)
  7. Automaton / The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centauri Year 2794
  8. Chin Chillaz / Konkret
  9. PFL / Mohinis Dub
  10. Wagon Christ / Phora Ride
  11. The Sabres of Paradise / Duke of Earlsfield (LFO Mix)

My copy of Space Night Vol VIII was a used-bin find, and is unfortunately in poor shape. Particularly noticeable during Mohinis Dub.

This was an excuse to listen to those two Bill Laswell (Automaton) tracks. Mission Accomplished.

MTT No. 016 / Time Slowed

Posted 2017-06-16. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, breaks, dub, hiphop, illbeint, movement through thought, music, radio.

Played some downtempo breakbeat-y stuff this week. Unfortunately there appears to have been a problem with the aNONradio archives that prevented the show from being saved. The only record of that hour, then, is a tracklist and some memories.

  1. Meat Beat Manifesto / Set Your Receivers
  2. DJ Food / Spiral Dub
  3. Bandulu / Bill's Gate
  4. Mellow-D / Cotton Wool
  5. Ian O'Brien / Homeless
  6. Michna / Believe In It
  7. Funky Technicians / Ninja (Essence Of Time Remix)
  8. Push Button Objects / Striffle
  9. Meat Beat Manifesto / United Nations (E.T.C.)
  10. Scorn / Night Tide
  11. Small Fish With Spine / 15 Levels Of The Empire State
  12. Necros / River Boat
  13. Push Button Objects / Maercs
  14. Secret Frequency Crew / Gold
  15. Dr. Octagon / No Awareness
  16. Meat Beat Manifesto / Future Worlds

A low-key selection. I spent the last week listening to Subliminal Sandwitch by MBM and Evanescence by Scorn, which may explain this. That and general tiredness.

Dogon / Dogon Territory

Posted 2016-01-03. Permalink. Tagged 2010s, digital release, dub, music.

Dogon Territory Cover Dogon
Dogon Territory

Released 2011.
Flac, 308MB.

  1. Knockin' On Through
  2. On The Fly
  3. The Grey Area
  4. Hex-A-Gon
  5. Girl I
  6. Dogon Territory
  7. Cry of the Emotion Machine
  8. Death By Dub
  9. E Turn
  10. M'Kay
  11. Knocking On Ambient
  12. Fool's Walk
  13. The Right Thing

Found thru The Wee DJs Bandcamp page. Source: dogon.bandcamp.