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MTT 131 / Harmonical Sound

Posted 2019-08-30. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, hiphop, miami bass, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT131 Spectrogram

Closing out bass month with 90 BPM Miami bass, electro, and some lazy DJ-ing.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Bass Society / Prelude 00:00
  2. Beat Dominator / Music's Hypnotizing 01:21
  3. 2 Live Crew / Ghetto Bass 05:04
  4. MC Shy D / It's Just My Caddy (Vocal) 09:39
  5. Gucci Crew II / Gucci Bass 12:45
  6. M-4 Sers / Leave Me Alone 18:43
  7. Iceman Ja / Dead Or Alive 22:38
  8. Bass 305 / Digital Dreams (Mid Tempo Digital Bass Version) 27:27
  9. Dagobert / On The Run (Dreamix) 32:21
  10. Headnoaks / Ice Crystal Lattice 35:01
  11. Bass Society / Bass Society 39:59
  12. Bass 305 / Hip Hop Groove (Sample Symphomovement 305) 42:50
  13. Dynamix II / Purple Beats [Color Beats] 45:54
  14. Aux 88 / Fly By Night 49:11
  15. Dynamix II / Give It To Em 54:41
  16. Dynamix II / Addicted To Bass 59:23

I don't have too much to say about this selection - it's exactly what it looks like. Some car audio bass from Bass 305, Bass Society, Beat Dominator, and Dynamix II. Proper Miami bass (complete with rapping!) from 2 Live Crew, MC Shy D, Gucci Crew II, M-4 Sers, and Iceman Ja. Then a few odd pieces to glue it together. (Including the excellent Fly By Night by Aux 88, the final track on Bass Magnetic).

This is a very lazy set - most of these tracks are played from beginning to end - but the music is good, so maybe I can be excused. There is one rude edit at 55:54, done to make Give It To Em longer so I wouldn't need to play another track. I've got some recent purchases queued up to play next week (and next month), so check back for that.