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MTT No. 092 / Looking Up

Posted 2018-11-30. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, drum & bass, dubstep, electro, footwork, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT092 Spectrogram

Post-dubstep, drum & bass, footwork and a tiny bit of electro this week. Featuring eight tracks from the excellent Cosmic Bridge record label.

Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Crypticz / Spirit On (For Z) 00:00
  2. Aether Pilot / Northern Radio Plant 02:47
  3. Ital Tek / Shinra 05:47
  4. Om Unit / Angry Buzz 07:59
  5. Ital Tek / Mega City Industry 11:35
  6. Kuedo / Onset (Escapism) 15:10
  7. Kuedo / Reality Drift 17:40
  8. Boxcutter / Tibetan Metastate 19:46
  9. Skip Club Orchestra / Sub-Scream 21:40
  10. Breaka ft. SC / Aromatic Riddim 24:16
  11. Danny Scrilla & Om Unit / Free Flight 28:26
  12. Om Unit / Fuzzd An Soup 31:36
  13. Om Unit ft. DRS / Make Believe 33:57
  14. Oliver Yorke / Ryoan-Ji 37:28
  15. Moresounds / Ting N Tings 40:12
  16. Coco Bryce / 多幸感 43:56
  17. Sully / Crystal Cuts 48:41
  18. PFM / Danny's Song 52:15
  19. Paul Blackford / Jacob's Ladder 55:17
  20. Skip Club Orchestra / But... 58:38

The obvious highlight here is all the tracks from Om Unit's label Cosmic Bridge - Spirit On, Angry Buzz, Tibetan Metastate, Free Flight, Fuzzd An Soup, Make Believe, Ryoan-Ji, and Ting N Tings. The mixture of 80 BPM dubstep, drum & bass, and footwork promoted by Cosmic Bridge is really exciting to me - a fresh take on a lot of sounds I love.

The two new drum & bass tunes at the end are also worth noting. Coco Bryce's 多幸感 (Euphoria?) is beautifully programmed. Reminds me of Photek's Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu. And Sully's Flock EP is breathtaking, the best new drum & bass I've heard in years. (Well, new-to-me, anyway. The release itself is three years old.)

This show was thrown together in a few hours while exhausted. Given that, it turned out better than I expected. The tracks are good; I hope I didn't spoil them with my inelegant mashing.

MTT No. 079 / Step Outside

Posted 2018-08-31. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, dubstep, footwork, miami bass, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT079 Spectrogram

80 BPM stuff to end bass month. Dubstep (post-dubstep?), Juke, Miami Bass.
Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. So Takahashi / Pattern #03 [CRPK 005.6 B3] 00:00
  2. Techno Bass Crew / Until We Boom Again (Finale) (Slow Low Bass) 00:50
  3. Boxcutter / Daylight Saving 03:36
  4. Danny Scrilla / Helium 07:11
  5. Om Unit / Transformation 10:12
  6. Proc Fiskal / Who Can't Hear 13:48
  7. Om Unit ft. Digital / Midnight Oil 17:24
  8. Proc Fiskal / Window Cat 21:12
  9. Dynamix II / Green Beats 25:36
  10. Dynamix II / Red Beats 27:42
  11. EAN / Flow 29:42
  12. Otto Von Schirach / Bass Low (LAMEBOT Remix) 33:19
  13. Boxcutter ft. Ken & Ryu / Dream Gator 35:19
  14. DJ Taye ft. DJ Earl / Go 2 Sleep 37:55
  15. EAN / Darknet 40:19
  16. Ghostwerk / In Da Circle 41:55
  17. Ital Tek / Hyper Real 44:55
  18. DJ Taye / Move Out 48:07
  19. DJ Mastercard / Always 50:19
  20. Supra / Bent Up 53:55
  21. Crossfire / Laid Back N Coolin 57:31

Nine tracks, nearly half this mix, is from Om Unit's record label Cosmic Bridge. Boxcutter, Danny Scrilla, EAN, Proc Fiskal, and the man himself Om Unit. The Hello Boss EP by Proc Fiskal, in particular, is extremely good.

There's a bit of proper Juke (or is it Footwork?) in this mix. DJ Taye's tracks, DJ Mastercard's Always, the two tracks from Juke World Order 2. Footwork's got drum synth samples and sub-bass in interesting and unusual rhythms; I'll show up for that any day of the week.

This was incredibly fun to mix. So many strong tracks... I wore myself out dancing like an idiot. I wish I hadn't tried to bring Window Cat back in to Green Beats, but whatever. It's all good.

Logical Aggression @ Ground Kontrol / August 2018

Posted 2018-08-30. Permalink. Tagged dubstep, electro, footwork, ground kontrol, logical aggression, miami bass, music.

Ten years of bass? Or maybe nine; we're not really sure. Anyway, here's what I played at Ground Kontrol yesterday:

  1. Techno Bass Crew / Do It To Me ~11:30 PM
  2. Techmaster P.E.B. / Listen To The Music
  3. UR / Base Camp Alpha 808
  4. Dynamix II / Ignition
  5. Dynamix II / Ignition (Remix) V2.0
  6. DJ K-1 / Metaphysica
  7. Supreme.ja & Debonaire / Battle Droid (Bonus Beatz)
  8. Techmaster P.E.B. / Dragon Bass
  9. Circuit Breaker / Keep This Frequency Clear
  10. D.I.E. / Space Travel
  11. Old School Players / 120 BPM
  12. Bass 305 / Rebel Science (Ultra Low Computer Mix)
  13. Excel / Don't Stop Now
  14. Eurobass Express / Activate The Bass! (Miami Radio version)
  15. DJ Baby Anne / Trippin' The Bass
  16. Aux 88 / Interface
  17. Techmaster P.E.B. / 006
  18. Bass 305 / Spin That Wheel! (Miami Bass Scratchin')
  19. Beat Dominator / Retro Style
  20. Industrial Bass Machine / Artificial Intelligence 1991
  21. Bass 305 / Space Travel (Low Frequency Digital Mix)
  22. Techno Bass Crew / Computer Language
  23. Techno Bass Crew / Undertow
  24. Aux 88 / Pocket Radio
  25. Industrial Bass Machine / Sine Waves
  26. Dynamix II / Dream Scape
  27. Beat Dominator / Deep Dream
  28. Techmaster P.E.B. / Bass Out
  29. Eurobass Express / The Art Of Slow Bass (BBC Boom Radio Mix)
  30. Circuit Breaker / 3 Wheel Motion
  31. Aux 88 / I Need To Find Myself
  32. Beat Dominator / Jurassic Bass
  33. Techno Bass Crew / Cosmic Lullaby
  34. Techno Bass Crew / Until We Boom Again (Finale) (Slow Low Bass) ~1:15 AM
  35. Danny Scrilla / Helium
  36. Dynamix II / Stop Beats
  37. Graphs / Broken Legs
  38. Om Unit / Lightbody Transfer
  39. Om Unit / Connector
  40. Om Unit vs. Kromestar / Merkabah
  41. Kromestar / X Files
  42. Om Unit / Slowfast Matrix ~1:45 AM

This is possibly the tenth year in a row that I've played bass music in August at Ground Kontrol. It started as "Detroit versus Miami", when DJ Popcorn (representing Detroit) asked me to play play electro & bass music (to represent Miami). A few years after that DJ Megaphysics stepped in and we've run it as a Miami Bass night since. There's some uncertainty regarding exactly when this all started; regardless, it's been a long time.

This set has a few bits of MTT075 and MTT027 in it, but was otherwise improvised. Was a fine set, lots of Bass 305, lots of Aux 88 (kind of a return to Detroit vs. Miami). The Cosmic Bridge pieces at the end were just to play around, hear those songs on a big system.

Megaphysics played a great set of late '80s / early '90s bass, hip-hop, and electro at the beginning of the night, 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM. Come to think of it, it was a good night all around.

But now I need to sleep.

MTT No. 011 / It's All Connected

Posted 2017-05-12. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, drum & bass, electro, footwork, movement through thought, music, radio.

MTT011 Spectrogram

Electro, Footwork, and Drum & Bass. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. J Shaw / Ride The Waves
  2. Aux 88 / Computer Speaks
  3. Paul Blackford / The Bunker
  4. Kitbuilders / Everything Is
  5. DJ Stingray / Serotonin
  6. Paul Blackford / Aqua Theory
  7. Skip Club Orchestra / Back In Ray (Version)
  8. Crypticz / Rolla
  9. DJ Tre / Unreleased Track 2k14!
  10. DJ Spinn / 2020
  11. Gnyonpix / Metal City
  12. Hidden Agenda / Vindication
  13. Aquasky / Sea Monkey
  14. The Lithium Project / Mars Plastic (3rd Eye)
  15. Boymerang / A.C.I.D.
  16. Source Direct // Intensity / Generations

This is an experiment with a few different styles of music that share a common tempo. First is some fast electro (Paul Blackford's excellent Militant Science, Stingray, and a few oddball pieces). Next is a grab-bag of Footwork. Then '90s Drum & Bass to close it out.

There's a lot more good music in these three styles (tones, tempos) so I'll definitely be exploring this again in the future. Sadly I mistimed the closing fade, so be prepared for an abrupt ending.

Skip Club Orchestra / Transam EP

Posted 2017-01-03. Permalink. Tagged 2010s, digital release, footwork, music.

Transam EP Cover Skip Club Orchestra
Transam EP

Released 2016.
FLAC, 102MB.

  2. Hammerfall
  3. but...
  4. Highself
  5. Urban Landscape

Source: dubliminal-bounce.bandcamp.com.

Really excellent piece of juke/footwork. Replaces some of the aggression with familiar techno (maybe house?) sounds.

Check Back In Ray (Version) and Hi-Tek Soul also on dubliminal-bounce.

Played most of it at the arcade on 2016/12/28.