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MTT No. 042 / Still Searching

Posted 2017-12-15. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, movement through thought, music, radio, synthpop, techno.

MTT042 Spectrogram

Electro & Techno this week (with a surprise appearance by Ultravox). Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. X-103 / Tephra (Under)
  2. Aux 88 / We Make Beats
  3. The Advent / Light Years Away
  4. Dynarec / Double Jix (Original Mix)
  5. Datentraeger / Manipulation
  6. Luke Eargoggle & Kan3da / Night Smoker
  7. Lerosa / Loss (Remix)
  8. Gosub / Last Night At The Stardust
  9. Ultravox / Mr. X
  10. Dopplereffekt / Delta Wave
  11. =UHU= / Quark Plane
  12. VCS2600 / Deep Sea Robotics
  13. The Advent / Dawn Of Light
  14. Dynarec / Opposing Combinations
  15. Automat / Hardware
  16. The Advent / Telecom
  17. The Advent / Gamma Rays

There's a whopping four tracks by The Advent in this mix, three of which are from the album Light Years Away. It's an incredibly good (and overlooked) album, full of awesome Drexciyan tunes.

Ultravox's Mr. X is included here thanks to this post on reddit's /r/electro. It happened to fit perfectly with what I've been listening to lately. (And it's an awesome song, of course).

Next week I plan to do something special (and possibly lazy), so keep an eye out for that.

MTT No. 015 / See All There Is To See

Posted 2017-06-09. Permalink. Tagged anonradio, electro, freestyle, movement through thought, music, radio, synthpop.

MTT015 Spectrogram

Electro and a little Freestyle. Right-click save-as here or on the spectrogram above to download the mix from aNONradio's archives.

  1. Midnight Star / Freak-A-Zoids
  2. Old School Players / Jam On It [DMR41277]
  3. Newcleus / Jam On It
  4. DMX Krew / Dance To The Beat
  5. Paul Hardcastle / The Asylum (It'z Weird)
  6. Dangerous Frontiers / Don't Stop, Let Your Body Rock
  7. The Art of Noise / Who's Afraid (Of The Art of Noise)
  8. Dynamix II / Back II The Beat
  9. Paul Hardcastle / Rain Forest (Original Mix)
  10. Midnight Star / Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix)
  11. State Logik / All You Need
  12. Nairobi & The Awesome Foursome / Funky Soul Makossa (Free Beats)
  13. Freeez / I.O.U.
  14. New Order / Confusion
  15. DMX Krew / You Can't Hide Your Dub
  16. Shavonne / So, Tell Me, Tell Me (Vocal Mix)
  17. Pajama Party / Yo No Se (Cameron Paul Remix)
  18. The Egyptian Lover / Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)

DJ Use Only, or so Mixx-It 23 tells me. Same goes for that Old School Players CD, I'm sure. And same for that bootleg MASK500...

Just having fun with this one. Recently picked up that Shavonne track on Emotional Rescue and wanted to hear it. Organized some bits and pieces to get to that point. All You Need, Scene by State Logik & Jacob also deserves some attention. The A side is two very nice electro tracks, B side is a sort of broken beat or IDM thing (despite what it says on discogs).

Good times.